2004 South Central Texas POCI Car Show

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Trudy and Martiniquep Martinique on the trailer... p"Martinique and the Man" pTruckin Trailer p69 T/A Custom Deluxe Interior p

69 TA - "It's Bonafide!"p 69 T/A Profile p69 T/A Front p69 T/A Rear View p1969 Trans Am p

1956 Ford p 1956 Ford Interior pEarly Risers Show Field pMore show attendees pR/T Mopar p

BMW Isetta pBMW Isettap BMW Isetta p69 Z-28 Rat Interior p69 Z-28 Rat p

78 Formula was not in the showp 78 Fromula Non-Factory interior p78 Formula with WS6 Snowflake wheels p78 Formula Rear View pTwo Firebird Ladies p

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