NHRA Members Frank and Trudy Johengen at the 2006 NHRA Spring Nationals

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Houston Raceway Park p

Staging lanes from the pedestrian bridge at HRP. p

Houston Raceway Park - HRP: Is our local World Class NHRA Drag Racing facility. It was great to read the following news on 12/5/2006 on www.nhra.com

"Houston Raceway Park has begun a major resurfacing project on its legendary dragstrip. As part of the project, expected to be completed by Dec. 8, the asphalt surface will be replaced from half-track to the sand trap. This represents one of the most extensive track renovations in the 19-year history of the park. The surface will be a special asphalt mix designed to withstand the 7,000 horsepower that race cars produce while thundering down the quarter-mile track each year. The new surface will be laser-leveled to provide the smoothest, flattest, straightest race surface possible. Houston Raceway Park expects to continue its history of record-setting times and speeds and being the "“fastest and quickest quarter-mile track in the world,”" a title it has held many times in the last two decades. Angel Brothers Construction will complete the project in less than one week, enabling the facility to remain open on all scheduled race nights. Houston Raceway Park is owned by Greg and Gary Angel of Baytown, Texas. "“It's great to have concerned owners who reinvest in a facility that remains a model to all other racetracks in the world,”" said Gerald Critchfield, general manager. "“This family takes great pride in their relationship with the racing community and wants to provide the best facility possible at all times.”" In addition, a new vehicle scale and tech pad area have been completed. An upgrade to various parking areas will also be included in the marathon paving schedule that may continue 24 hours a day until complete." The only thing that Trudy and I can add to this great news is: You bet that we are looking forward to record breaking E.T.'s and Speeds at the 2007 NHRA Spring Nationals! We're hoping that it'll be just like the Inaugural 1988 recording setting event! (Which I attended).

Striping the old HRP Drag Strip track surface. pLaying on the new HRP Drag Strip track surface.

Don Prudhomme's Snake Racing Larry Dixon driven Top Fuel Dragster p

Larry Dixon  with his fans. p

Snake Racing Crew spinning the Top Fuel engine over by hand. p

Above/Below: I have always been a Larry Dixon and Don Prudhomme fan. Although Miller Lite has pulled their sponsorship after the end of the 2006 season, I look forward to seeing Larry and Don on the winners podium again in 2007.

The understated Larry Dixon with more of his fans. p

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