NHRA Members Frank and Trudy Johengen at the 2008 NHRA Spring Nationals

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Below: Concentration-confidence-CHAMPION are the drivers reminder at the wheel of this 3rd Generation I/SA Firebird drag car. We found this during a trip throught the sportsman's area of the pits during a lull in the racing action.



Roll it out!

Above and Below: Pushing that Pontiac prior to their run at the Spring Nats. Note the 4 race team crew members it takes to move this "little" car.

Bottom: Junior Drag fans wrestling with the Drag Slicks not sure if these Jr. crewman won the battle of the slicks did. Nice pair of Mopars and a A/SA Vette (below).

Junior Drag fans

King Kudas

A/SA Corvette

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