Mike Rowe's 1979 400 4-speed Pontiac Firebird Formula

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Below: Mike Rowe's Pontiac W72 Formula Firebird

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Hi Frank

I am the original owner of this 1979 formula, which was ordered in the fall of 78. I had been reading in Car and Driver magazine about the last of the 400's and had to have one. The car came with the 400 4spd and 4 wheel disk brakes (a "4 wheel brakes" sticker is still on the passenger door handle.) T-tops were the only big option on the car. The radio, floor mats and alarm were added after taking delivery.
The car has less than 16,000 miles today. The original tires were replaced about 3 years ago due to dry rot. I haven't had time to show the car, maybe in the future. The photos were taken summer of 04.

I never knew how rare a car this was (1 of 346 produced) until I found the www.TACHREV.com website. This website has been a great resource and has helped me fall back in love with my 79 formula.

Mike RoweFjj


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