The Wally Parks NHRA Drag Racing Museum

The legendary Greer, Black & Prudhomme AA/FD dragster

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Our trip to Pomona CA and the NHRA Drag Racing Museum.

FASTER was the heading above the legendary Greer, Black & Prudhomme AA/FD dragster displayed at the NHRA Drag Racing Museum. This is (above) the restored 1962 Tommy Greer - Keith Black - Don Prudhomme dragster in it's finest. For a detailed history check out this link on the Cacklefest website. Note the wall display of a vintage photo of this car with the manual red wax pen outline for photo cropping when the image was originally edited.

A copy of the GMP diecast model was on display in one of the memorabilia cases in the main hall (Top of page three here.).

Greer - Black - Prudhomme by GMP; Marvin T. Smith and David Dilbeck review the GMP Greer, Black, Prudhomme collectible diecast model dragster. ... Stories > Greer, Black, and Prudhomme by GMP at this website

The Stone Woods & Cook Willys Gasser (below) was also prominently displayed near the K.S. Pitman and Lavin Der Severely Disabled Chicken Coupe gassers. For a detailed history of the Stone Woods & Cook Willys Gasser check out this link on the historic Gasser website. Mickey Thompson's 1970 Mustang Funny Car, and many others can also be seen displayed here.

Check out all of the background images and displays for the sense of the true richness of the NHRA Drag Racing history.

Needless to say, we were impressed had a great time visiting the museum and the Pomona Twighlight Cruise!

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