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The Shubert & Herbert Top Fuel Dragster

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Our trip to Pomona CA and the NHRA Drag Racing Museum.

The Shubert & Herbert Top Fuel Dragsters was another unexpected nostalgic treat at the same area as TV Tommy Ivo and the Barnstormer Dragsters infamous NHRA Drag Racing legends.

Tommy Ivo was surrounded by a crowd and busy signing autographs the whole time we attended the show.

For a detailed history check out this link on the Cacklefest website.

and the Shelby Hertz GT-H Convertible including the Beautiful Trudy and the Shelby Beast!

And the Shelby Hertz GT-H Convertible including the Beautiful Trudy and the Shelby Beast at Pomona. We enjoyed this nearly new rental with only 849miles on the odometer when we took delivery at the San Diego Airport. We then traveled to our digs in La Jolla at the beach. After unloading our bags, we traveled north on California's 101 ultimately reaching the Wednesday night Pomona meet at the NHRA Drag Racing Museum.

During our stay in So Cal we clocked 1,000+ miles of travel in this Shelby Hertz GT-H Convertible. This included our visit and Parasail Glider rides at the world renowned Torrey Pines Gliderport. Our total experience with this car was completely satisfactory...It was a great performer, comfortable, handled extremely well (for a convertible!), and was predictable in it's manners. Getting the looks while in So Cal didn't hurt either. Surprisingly, and quite enjoyably, this car drew the most attention while driving and parked next to Ford GT's (Mid Engined Contemporary GT-40 Fords), Ferraris, MB's, Austin Martins, Lambo's, etc. My wife loved the car's manners and when a local La Jolla Z06 Vette wouldn't run with us at the lights...the Shelby intimidation was complete!

Needless to say, we had a great time!

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