The Wally Parks NHRA Drag Racing Museum

Sox, Nicholson, Landy, Jenkins: WHO's MR. 4-SPEED?

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Our trip to Pomona CA and the NHRA Drag Racing Museum.

Sox, Nicholson, Landy, Jenkins: WHO's MR. 4-SPEED? Reads the header on the blow-up cover of the 1970's Drag Racing USA magazine. Plenty of Drag Racing History surrounds the base of the Super Sized Wally trophy. One of Tom McEwen's restored Mongoose Funny Cars and the vintage magazine cover with the car is shown on display.

Speaking of Mr. 4-SPEED Check this out (below)

Ronnie Sox Memorial Hemi Raffle link here

Ronnie Sox Foundation

""Helping Kids with Cancer

In loving Memory of Ronnie Sox"

A Chance to Win A 426 Hemi

Hemi drawing


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