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TACHREV.COM member Carol Bales and her award winning 1989 Turbo Trans Am Pace Car @ the 1998 Trans Am Nationals.


The WebPage screen print above and the following text is from Frankie Rider, II's "Trans Am GTA Source Page" coverage of the 1998 Trans Am Nationals, Dayton Ohio:

"...Carol Bales, (is) the owner of this beautiful 1989 TTA. Carol's car is the 187th built of 1,555 that were originally built for 1989. Carol was showing this car in the absence of her husband (Dane Bales, Jr.) who passed away earlier this year from leukemia. The car has had a bit of work on it, including ported heads, a roller cam, forged pistons, and a new 18psi turbo unit. Horsepower right now is at a claimed 600! The car has 38,000 original miles and was a nice example of the rare TTAs."

Carol's Turbo Trans Am Pace Car won first place in its class in 1998 and was showcased in the 1999 Jim Emmel Memorial Trans Am Nationals winners circle.

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