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Brian Drabiek is a Hardcore Pontiac Enthusiast that has been involved in the Second Generation Pontiac Trans Am hobby before it was cool. As you can see, like myself, Brian's interest and enthusiasm of automotive vehicles is not limited to the Trans Am or Pontiacs, but runs the gambit of great old classic cars and trucks. One of Brian's businesses is called - Second Generation for - you guessed it - 2nd Generation Trans Am and Firebird parts. Brians' used parts inventory is always expanding and you simply must see a set of his Reconditioned Snowflake & WS6 Wheels in person to appreciate the dedication to detail and reproducing a Concours level 7" Snowflake wheel 8" Snowflake wheel that was part of the original WS6 suspension package. T/A History: First released on the 1978 Trans Am as an option, T/A handling was in a league of it's own in '78 & '79. Herb Adams was contracted by Pontiac in '77 to build eight specialty Trans Am's that were modified production units to show the ease in which the T/A's could be converted into full-fledge race cars to replace the '77 IROC race series Camaro's. From this R&D the production WS6 option was born. Adam's formed his own company - Herb Adams (VSE) Very Special Equipment, Pebble Beach, CA; and then offered all of the Fire Am (for Firebird American) components for sale making it possible for enthusiasts to build complete Fire Am Trans Ams. He sold the pieces with which an individual could build their own Fire Am in step-by-step graduated levels of performance, choosing to stop at any level. The Fire Am
Brian writes: "I'm attaching some pics of my 78 T/A. I've just taken it out of "mothballs" where it has been waiting patiently for me for the past 12 years! It was a beautiful day here on Monday & I took it out for a good run (about 100 miles) and the car was obviously enjoying it.It's still a KICK to drive! We have a collector car license program here & the 78 now qualifies,as it is over 25 years old .I look forward to driving it more this summer!
Thought you might like to see MY car hauler.It's an antique. (30 years old this year).That rack on the back was built when it was BRAND NEW!
Been driving the SLED (64) a lot lately & really liking it! My latest pleasure is taking it out at 5pm,going to Rotten' Ronnie's & getting an ice cream cone & driving in rush hour traffic with C-nile 650 cranked on the oldies. I still DO really like my Pontiac V-8's in the Firebirds,but 283 2bbl/Powerglide in the 64 certainly has it's charm.
I picked up a late 60's underdash 8-track/FM radio that I hope to install soon."
TACHREV Webmaster note: But of course the Brewster "Green Hornet" Formula speaks for it's self - it's an awesome ride and part of the great Second Generation Firebird History! Email or give Brian a call with any of your Second Generation Firebird Parts needs. Please tell him you heard about him from! Thank you and enjoy!


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