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Trivia question: What Hollywood Actor washes his Trans Am with the T-tops off, the windows down, and the headlights on?

Below is a list of some of the movies that include Firebirds:

McQ 1974 - John Wayne drives a 1973 Brewster Green Trans Am that gets crushed between two trucks.

The Driver 1978 - Ryan O’Neal. chases a modified 1976 Trans Am until it flips to its destruction. The film also has a brief scene featuring a 1977 Firebird.

Hooper 1978 - Burt Reynolds and Sally Field - A 1978 Trans Am gets converted in to a rocket car.

Smokey and the Bandit 1978 - Burt Reynolds and Sally Field - If a description of this film is necessary, you've been living in a cave. The car is a 1977 black special edition Trans Am. They actually used about seven of them during filming. (If you look carefully, some are 4 speeds and some are automatics).

Rocky II 1979 - Sylvester Stallone drives a 1979 black special edition Trans Am.

Smokey and the Bandit II – 1980 - The sequel with Dom DeLuise added to the cast. This time The T/A is a 1980 turbo model.

The Hunter – 1980 - Steve McQueen rents a 1979 Trans Am which gets stolen and blown up by dynamite.
Blue Thunder – 1983 - Roy Scheider - During most of the film his ride is a helicopter, but when he takes to the streets its in a 1980 Turbo Trans Am.

Smokey and the Bandit III – 1983 - Jerry Reed takes the drivers seat away from the absent Burt Reynolds in a 1983 Trans Am.

Son in Law – 1993 - Pauly Shore - There's a brief scene where Tiffini Amber Thiessen drives a black 1979 Trans Am.

The Real McCoy Kim Basinger and Val Kilmer – Val Kilmer is a getaway driver who's car of choice is a 1978 Trans Am.

No looking Back 1993 – Lauren Holly’s ride throughout the film is a 1977 Firebird with a Trans Am hood and shaker scoop.

Trivia question answer: Apu from the Simpsons !

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