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The Gary Lisk Second Generation Trans Am Source Page www.2gta.com 1978 page Macho Trans Am history writes:

"An aftermarket model made big news in 1978, the "Macho T/A" by DKM. Available in various states of improvements, a reported *202 were built. The cars were all sold to DKM by Pontiac dealers and in turn sold back to Pontiac dealers as used cars. Hot Rod magazine tested car number 3 in the July 1978 issue and had a lot of good things to say. The Macho T/A turned in a 14.29 quarter mile at 98.79 mph, significantly quicker than the stock W72 engined car. The base package included an opened up shaker, headers with a revised "mufflerless" exhaust system relying on dual AC catylitic converters to muffle the noise. Ignition timing was recallibrated to offer a full 36-degrees of advance. These improvements were worth an additional 40 hp according to the Glendale, AZ company.

Chassis improvements were also part of the DKM package. Koni shocks and heat treated front coil springs lowered the stance. Outside, there were DKM graphics on the front fenders as well as on the rear spoiler, and big and bold "Macho T/A" decals on the lower part of the doors. The car number was included in the graphics as well as having a numbered console plate. Buyers could opt to have the lower door graphics deleted.

As good as the non-turbo car ran, Car & Driver did not have such a rewarding experience with the showcase "Turbo" edition. Turbocharging the Pontiac 400 to a claimed 300 horsepower added an additional $2999.00 to the DKM Macho T/A's bonus of $3188.00 . As with most "tuner" cars, the car was grossly unable to live up to the published numbers. In January of 1979, Car & Driver tested one of these turbo cars and found it to be less than expected. Despite the claimed added horsepower, it could only cover the quarter in 16.1 seconds, or about what a non-W72 was capable of doing. Yes you had one of 175, but..."

1979 400 4 speed Macho TA #53 prior to restoration by Jimmy Flemming.


Below: Macho TA #53 after restoration by Jimmy Flemming. Shown at the 1999 Pontiac Southern Nationals.

Click on this image to see Macho DKM Legend Dennis Mecham at the Trans Am Nationals DKM display.

(click on the image above to link to the page that has a photo of the man behind the Macho Legend - Dennis Mecham)

*Webmaster note: Dennis Mecham reported to me at the Trans Am Nationals the little known fact that 204 1978 Macho Trans Am's were actually produced - The 2 additonal were new cars purchased by owners and sent to Mecham DKM for conversion and not previously listed in the original Macho production count. This information was timely as I won this trivia question at the T/A Nats and was awarded a DKM Polo Shirt for knowing that there were 204 1978 Macho T/A's. Jimmy Flemming - Macho T/A #53 - is the proud owner of the shirt.

Click images below for: MACHO T/A Trans Ams

1978 Macho Trans Am p1978 Macho Trans Am p1978 Macho Trans Am has been lovingly resurrected pJimmy Flemming's restored Macho T/A # 53 1979 400 4speed Trans Am PJimmy Flemming installed 3" exhaust on his restored Macho T/A # 53 1979 400 4speed Trans Am pFiberglass Hood installed by Jimmy Flemming on his restored Macho T/A # 53 1979 400 4speed Trans Am p

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