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Long time friend of TACHREV.COM Les Smith is the proud owner of this beautiful 1979 Red Bird.

Les writes:

"I bought the car at auction 12 years ago for my first daughters 16th birthday.  The car was in good shape, but needed a lot of TLC.  Over a two year period during reconstruction it broke down a lot.  Before she ever drove this car we had to put in a new long block.   That engine now has 34,000 miles on it. Since that time "everything" on this car has been replaced at least once. Louetta Upholstery did the interior at that time.  For her high school graduation Michael Bachman of Paint by Number totally restored the outside of the car keeping the original color scheme.  The car has 4 coats of lacquer and 3 coats of clear coat.  The paint job is now 9 years old and still looks new.  She took it to Baylor for her freshman year and kept it under cover most of the time.  I took the car back after that and put it in storage for 4 years until my second daughter turned 16.  She drove it her last three years in high school. When she graduated from high school I took the car back again.  That was four years ago and now Dad uses it as a "sunny" Sunday afternoon driver.  Oh, by the way for my second daughter's 17th birthday I had a 350 watt Bose stereo system installed that I now listen to my favorite Rock and Roll station.  When the tops are off, the stereo is up!  I've redone some of the interior again, but mostly wax it and drive it on a sunny day.  Oh by the way, this car was featured in a HBO movie about two years ago.  I have great pictures hanging in my office.  I'm proud to tell everyone I'm a TACH member and always enjoy seeing everyone. Here's the particulars on my Bird:     Color Scheme:  Red Top and Carmine Bottom , Honeycomb Wheels with red inserts."


301 - 4 Barrel; Auto.,PS,PB,AC,PW,PDL,T-Tops,Velour Interior, Bucket Seats with console.



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