Pontiac Trans Am Shaker Scoops

Your source for Shaker Kits!

  were only available on Pontiac Trans Am's from 1970-1972.
These highly desireable scoops open to allow air in for improved
   performance and close to keep the  outside elements out.
To add this sought after feature to your 1973-1981 Trans Am or
'77 Can Am, a conversion kit designed with an electric solenoid
for continual 12V current to improve durability is now available.

Standard Conversion Kit $129.00
An easy do it your-self kit for 1973-1981 T/A's and 1977 Can Ams.
This kit wires directly to your fuse box (ignition side) so the flap opens
when engine is started or, purchase the optional kickdown switch
(listed below) that will activiate the flap when stepping hard on the
accelerator. The '73 - '76 shaker kit closely resembles the early
'70 - '72 factory components. Once installed, it will be hard to tell
them apart. When ordering, pls provide yr and engine
(Pont400, Olds403,4.9 or 5.0).
PLEASE NOTE: This kit only fits later yr 4.9 TAs, pls call for details.

Standard Converstion Kit w Kickdown Switch $159.00
Above kit with kickdown switch. (Same system that activated 1972 T/A shakers).
When ordering, pls provide yr and engine (pont400, Olds 403,4.9 or 5.0).

Optional Kickdown Switch (purchased separately) $30.00
1973 - 1974 T/A's & 1977 Can Ams with the T400 Transmisson already have this option.


P.O. Box 1984
Round Rock, TX 78680


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