'Fourth Generation Salute'

To the

2000 WS6 Ram Air T/A


Frankie and Wendy Tristan


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OK, here's the scoop:

I spotted this awesome looking Black Beauty as I was traveling down a rural farm-to-market road. I drove past and u-turned after a mile or two and went back for a closer look at this great looking ride.

That was month's ago (over 6) and I've finally been able to take the time and put the images that I took together with the email that I received from the owners. Thanks to them for their patience.

Now here is the owners' summary about their Trans Am...

"Hello Frank here is a little about our car:"

Owners: Frankie and Wendy Tristan

2000 WS6 TA

B&B Tri Flow Exhaust

Mac headers with off road y pipe

4.10 gears

TNT Nitrous Oxide kit

Carbon fiber air lid

The T/A has been lowered 2 inches

Wheels: 17x9.5 17x11 Fikse wheels

Performance: best 1/8 mile time 7.77 @ 94mph!

(ABOVE) 2000 WS6 Ram Air T/A


(ABOVE) "The T/A has been lowered 2 inches ."


(ABOVE) "B&B Tri Flow Exhaust."

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