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The end of line for another Firebird.p Not much left for this one except "Crusher Canyon". pA base Firebird slowly sucumbing to the weeds. pNo info as to ownership of this one. pGreg's Tale begins... p

"...Well, under a heavy snow load, the building collapsed and crushed my car. p It got crushed from beak to butt. pIf you view the pictures, you will be able to see the imprint of the air cleaner in the center of the hood. pThe roof over the windshield snagged on a piece of metal from building when they  raised it off the car, which pulled the car roof back up a foot or so. You can see from the pictures in the building that it took a serious load all the length of the car. pBy the way, there was a split window 63 Vette parked beside mine that didn't get touched." (WebMaster comments: It just doesn't seem fair!). p

Nice to know that this Firebird is on the way to resurrection.p "This is a Tragedy if I ever saw one!" pOriginally I was hoping that this one was for sale... p...did the usual investigation... p...and discovered that this one was a dead end, no sale. p

Ouch!!! Looks like someone had a long stop at the end of a short road! pNo details are know about this former Bird of Prey. p Wally Wersching's Poncho finds: Row of Firebirds pWally Wersching's Poncho finds: 1975 Firebird Formula pWally Wersching's Poncho finds: 1976 Carosel Red T/A p

Wally Wersching's Poncho finds: 1973 Trans Amp Wally Wersching's Poncho finds: Early 70's Firbird Formula pWally Wersching's Poncho finds: 1977 or 78 Trans Am pWally Wersching's Poncho finds:  All that is known regarding these vehicles pWally Wersching's Poncho finds: Plenty of classic GM Muscle here! p

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