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Hood Bird Photo Page 55

Bird Coloration -

Herb Adams Supertuner Edition T/A Hood Bird


"Fire Am Super Tuner T/A Bird."

This Hood Bird Decal was used:

1976 - 1979 Fire Am T/A's Shown

The Herb Adams inspired 1979 Fire Am

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The beautiful Fire Am shown above is a '79 model that was created by Dane Bales, Jr. utilizing many of Herb Adam's components. It features a lowered suspension retaining the factory WS6 Snowflake wheels, subframe connectors, worked 455 HO Pontiac engine, Doug Nash 4+1 manual transmission, Recaro seats recovered in factory hobnail material, Herb Adams Fire Am graphics, and Dane Bales, Jr. made custom headlight covers. We at TACHREV.com are proud to have this special Fire Am in our membership paddock. A big thank you to TACHREV member Carol Bales for sharing another fantastic Trans Am with us. For more details and photos, click on the images to direct link to the Fire Am Thunder Road web pages.

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GM Hood Bird RPO WW7 Hood Decal:


Herb Adams Fire Am Edition Part # N/A


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