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1972 Trans Am SD 455

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For your ultimate driving experience I highly recommend using a Madcatz™ MC2 steering wheel (or better) that utilizes a Manual Shifter and Foot-Pedal controls. Coupled with the Madcatz™ wheel, you will be able to road race, power slide, drift, draft, up shift/down shift and drive each and every car with grace, abandon, and the pure flat out 'balls to the walls' style each of the cars on PGR 1 & 2 beg to be driven. My only complaint about the Madcatz™ wheel is the lack of a reverse gear lock-out. This has come in to play on a few occasions, while driving the Ferrari, Porsche and Ford GT, during downshifting from 6th gear to 1st while in the switch-back curves drafting and pulling some major Kudos' points power sliding sideways. It would be a nice touch to have reversed locked out to prevent hitting reverse at over 100 miles per hour. No big deal, since you will not have any maintenance or repair bills to pay for the cars you drive.

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