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Obviously, after driving the Exotica like Ferrari, et al the early 1970's F-Body Trans Am platform is a major step back in time. The car is painted in the 1970-71-72 Cameo White with Blue Center stripe. And yes, you will note that the still shot picture I took of the Shaker Hood Scoop clearly calls out the car is equipped with the Super Duty 455 engine (Click the thumbnail image at the top of this page for the link to the close-up photo). Using the 4-speed gearing after driving all of the competition's 6-speeds is acceptable thanks to all of the low end torque of the Super Duty 455 engine. OK - Pontiac Purest's will note: Not the correct engine for these cars until the 1973-1974 versions that arrived with solid colors and the infamous Screaming Chicken Hood Birds. But who cares? This game platform is about all-out racing performance and fun! Hence the greatest Pontiac Engine for the greatest simulation of driving a second generation Trans Am thru the streets of Chicago, and banging fenders with others with the whole intent of having a blast driving and winning the race. You will also note in the still photos I've taken of my driving experience that, driven correctly, the Trans Am more than holds up on it's own. Several altercations with a Late Model Mustang, Corvette ZO6, Acura NSX, Cadillac XLR and others proved the combination of balanced handling and power train from the original second generation Trans Am Firebird a more than capable adversary for the late model vehicles described above. True enough to all PGR simulations of vehicles, the Trans Am exhibited all of the great low-end torque and tail out over steering power sliding that has made these cars so much fun to drive. Great 4-wheel drifting and torque steering experiences await you with your Trans Am on PGR 2.

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