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1972 Trans Am SD 455

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There is also a 1966 GTO Convertible on PGR 2. And - yes - it handles like the original '66 GOAT, albeit lot's of great fun is had, and during the replays, it's pretty neat to watch the animated driver reaching over pulling the gear that you just shifted. There are also 1st and 4th Generation Camaro's for more F-Body driving fun. And yes - Corvettes, Vipers, etc. too. I have included a few Ferrari and Ford GT test drive images on page 5 also.

If you want the ultimate sensory experience I advise you to connect the Audio 5.1 Optical output to your Powered Sub-Woofer equipped Surround Sound Audio System. Although it is somewhat of a hassle to obtain the proprietary X-Box cables (Don't expect any retail audio sales clerk to know what you'll need) believe me - it IS worth the added expense and effort. With this connection you will enjoy the In-game Dolby® Digital sound of engines wailing, tires screaming, and your selected audio tunes adjusted to the groups , tracks and volume you prefer during game play and play back.

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