2nd Generation Firebird Rides 1970 - 1981

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Bitchin 1976 455 4spd LE Bandit! pHoney Combs! pMake mine a 4speed!P Passenger side of this Bandit LE Poncho! pDriver side of this Bandit LE Poncho!p

Rodney Killion, Seabrook TX brought his 1976 LE and 1977 SE Bandit Special Edititions to the show....and yes, that's his Hemi Cuda and Hemi Super Bee in the background too!p 3 Beauties: Trudy and the Bandit's p1977 Bandit Beak p1976 LE Bandit 455 CID Engine pHoods up view of pair of Bandit T/A'sp

Frank Johengens' "Midnight" 1979 400 4spd Y-84 SE  Bandit p1977 Bandit in San Antonio p1977 Bandit Nose p1979 W72 4spd Y-84 Bandit pFrank Johengen & "Midnight" his 1979 400 4spd Y-84 SE Banditp

Y-84 Bandit Bunch at the Trans Am Nationals pY-84 Bandit Bunch at the Trans Am Nationals pAerial view of Y-84 Bandit Bunch at the Trans Am Nationals pTri - Tail view of trio of Y-84 Bandit Trans Ams pY-84 Bandit Bunch at the Trans Am Nationalsp

So Cal 1981 Turbo TA pSo Cal Bandit at Tour De Wangers 75th Birthday Bash p1981 Bandit 4spd T/A pTorque Thrusted T/A pUltral Low Production number 1981 Bandit 4spd T/Ap

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