Rob West's Challenger T/A 340 6-Pack

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Guess what Rob's favorite car color is!!?

Below: Rob West's Dodge T/A 340 Six Pak Challenger

(Above and Below)

Rob and I were talking cars the other day when he was at my office on business. I showed him some of the latest updates to the website and asked if he'd like me to post his cars. He simply sent me these photos via email after I asked him about his Pantera without any description or spec's.

When Rob mentioned his T/A - my being a Pontiac enthusiast (although I do enjoy and appreciate all interesting automotive makes and models ala Hemmings Muscle Machines & Muscle Car Enthusiast Mags) - I naturally was thinking Firebird Trans Am, completely forgetting that he has owned his Dodge Challenger T/A 340 Six Pak for years. He did mention that he would like to have another 1965 GTO like he owned and enjoyed in his youth. Anyone know of a good deal on one for Rob - in Red?

And, after seeing his cars posted on the website he added the following comments:

"Frank, You are amazingly observant. Yes, both cars are driven on a regular basis and don’t get washed as often as they should. But then again, I have them because they are fun to drive and work on, not to show.

You have a keen eye indeed to spot the air conditioner on the T/A. My understanding is the AC was a dealer added item when the car was new. It has an “underdash” fan and evaporator unit which integrates beautifully into the interior and looks as if it were “factory”. As you know, no T/A’s were equipped from the factory with air and I have never heard of another car with this option. Needless to say it makes a big difference in Houston even though it is not the most effective unit.

Have a good day, Rob" Fjj

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