Rob West's Pantera

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Guess what Rob's favorite car color is!!?

Below: Rob West's Pantera

(Above and Below)

Pantera by Lincoln Mercury - Remember when you could buy one new?

Obviously Rob's vehicles are extremely eye catching and desirable for any enthusiasts collection. This Pantera has been maintained, massaged and perfected by Rob. I share this with you because Rob is one who is soft spoken about his vehicles and the last to boast about his cars. Not one to show up to a gun fight with a butter knife - when Rob shows up in one of these he is definitely "carrying a big stick".

I have know Rob in the collector car and professional arenas for over a decade. It is with great appreciation of his Pantera and Challenger that we share them with you here on the website.

In typical Rob West style - he let's the cars speak for themselves! Fjj

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