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Vince's 1965 Bonneville Front 3/4 view

Head on view of Vince's 1965 Bonneville Superior Embassy Limousine (Yes - that is a Grand Prix grill and lights, and whatta about 'da bump in 'da hood!!??)

(Above and Below) Vince Wellings' 1965 Pontiac Bonneville Superior Embassy Limousine

Provided info: "Superior Coachworks was a major manufacturer of Professional Cars, (ambulances, limos, hearses, ect..) throughout the 1900's. This Family Car was supposedly one of approximately 10 produced in 1965. Due to a lack of factory records, the actual production figures exist only as a fading memory of a few former employees. It would be fair to assume the production be best figured as “very few.” This is one of five that I know of to exist, the second one being my parts car, a third has been documented in St.Paul, Minnesota, (with a 3-speed on the column!), a fourth wasting away in a wrecking yard in Oregon, and a fifth recently discovered in Northern California."

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Ton's of fun, and lots of room in trunk AKA Das Boat! (Note the trailer hitch!)

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