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Like the old Drag Racing Lingo goes: "Injection is nice but I'd rather be blown! Supercharged that is!  Now you know why he needs 'da bump in 'da hood!

(Above and Below) Vince Wellings' 1965 Pontiac Bonneville Superior Embassy Limousine

Provided info continues: "The original 389 offered minimal performance with 5800 pounds to lug around, so it was replaced with a supercharged Pontiac 428, which formerly resided in my ‘69 Grand Prix. This engine provided 1/4 mile times in the mid 12's while in the G.P., but wasn’t quite as quick in this car. This engine suffered a cast iron heart attack while on a cruise to Galveston in 2004, and was replaced with a 455 stroker, (467 CID), which propels the Big Blue Sled to a 1/4 mile time in the high 13's. The hood is all metal and provides, in addition to minimal clearance for the blower, a sealed, cold air, cowl induction system. The rear end is a 3.73 Safe-T-Track, (Positrack), and transmission is a THM 400 “Switch-Pitch”, (variable stall speed) with a Gear Vendors Overdrive. The only options that came on the car was an automatic transmission and front & rear air conditioning. (This one did not even have a radio!) The interior is custom except for the “jump seats”, which were re-covered to match, and the 60,000 miles showing on the odometer are original and correct" (more info below). Fjj

Cush interior utilizes nice mix of updated plush seating and modern Poncho Bonnie Steering wheel instead of the "Truck wheel...

(Above and Below) Vince Wellings' 1965 Pontiac Bonneville Superior Embassy Limousine

Provided info continued: "Due to financial restraints, the car has been “fixed up”, as opposed to “restored”. There is still a lot of detailing to be done, including, unfortunately, a repainting. A vinyl top was recently added to cover the deteriorating paint. However, barring close scrutiny, it is fairly presentable and makes a great excursion vehicle. It was built it to be driven regularly, and it is, as evidenced by less than show quality condition. It has been to the Pontiac Nationals is St. Louis, and twice to the Pontiac Southern Nationals is Dallas, as well as numerous other excursions. It also serves as tow vehicle for the DJ trailer for the American Pontiac Association."

Owned by: Vince Welling
American Pontiac Association
Alvin, Texas

Comfy rear seating includes nice view of the APA - American Pontiac Associations Logo stitched into the door panels.  Join today!

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