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Nice front 3/4 view of Bob Reisner's 1967 Twin Pontiac 400 motored roadster. p"1967 INVADER In 1967, Bob Reisners INVADER won the AMBR (America's Most Beautiful Roadster) title and was featured in HOT ROD Magazine. Reisner fabricated the steel tube frame to hold two Pontiac V-8 motors, their combined displacement equaling 800 cubic inches. Each motor is mated to a separate B&M transmission; the two transmissions are connected to a single shifter. The four wheel independent suspension is crafted from Jaguar components. Reisner's design exemplifies the fantastic and zany aesthetic of late sixties and early seventies roadsters." pAFB's and Mickey Thompson valve covers on the twin Pontiac mills. p Close-up view of the INVADER's coach body, interior and the dual coil Jag IRS rear suspension. pDual Pontiac 400 Engines, each equipped with dual carbs on dual carb cross-ram manifolds. pBusiness end of the dual Pontiac engines - NICE! pThe beautiful nose of Bob Reisner's INVADER roadster.p

The Bruce Meyer Gallery

Roadsters, T-Buckets and Racers make up part of the Bruce Meyer Gallery Hot Rod collection. pRoadsters and Coupes are anther part of the collection and display. pGreat wall art is included in the collection and display. Hey! - are those FOOSE Designs!? pFrom every angle - the Bruce Meyer Gallery is an ultimate Hot Rod collection. pBehold the full scale version of the Hot Wheels® Petersen Limited Edition. pYou can own a smaller scale version of this Hot Wheels® Petersen Limited Edition - check the icon below! p

An infamous Custom Hot Rod pickup recreation and a Petty Race Car are included in the Bruce Meyer collection. pA closer view of this Custom Pickup. pMy low light photograph doesn't do justice to the awesome candy and pearl hues on this master peace. pFrom the rear angle - the solid rear axle is the first clue that this buggy is... p...stuffed with a small block V-8. Nice Dune Buggy - Yes!p

This vintage Speed Shop display recalls the dawn of HOT RODDING. pSCTA - Southern California Timing Association founders and early racers no doubt flocked to parts counters like this; All in the pursuit of extra power and speed from their HOT RODS. pA closer view of early HOT ROD Flat-Head and intake speed parts. pLooking fresh from it's 1st build at the shop - The 1945 BELL SPECIAL racer. pThe business end of HOT RODDING. Wood A-Frame, Chain & come-along to pull the motor was high-tech for the time. pMore down-and-dirty cleaning and machine work "before" tranforming to the "after" on the engine stand. pAll of that hard work and money could end up as an Automotive Jewel like this one - the 1945 BELL SPECIAL.p

Steve McQueen - The Legend and the Cars: Gordon R Howard Gallery

My entrance into the Steve McQueen exhibit garnered this eye candy: Steve driving in the Movie Le Mans on the back wall with his racecar below, the Mustang from the movie BULLET, other cars he owned and the many movie images of Steve McQueen. pThe Old and the New Mustangs themed from the movie BULLET. pAlthough it was terrible light, I just couldn't resist taking this picture of the original movie BULLET playing at the display. pFastback rear view of the BULLETT Mustang with more memorabilia in the background. pView of Steve's "office" in the BULLETT Mustang. pMore McQueen Mustang.p Steve McQueen Mustang, bikes and cars. pFront view of the BULLETT Steve McQueen Mustang. p

On the screen the movie Le Mans - with Steve actually driving one of a pair of GULF sponsored Porsches in the Movie, the beginning of his scripted crash. pOn the screen the movie Le Mans - with Steve driving, his scripted crash continues in it's severity. pClose-up of one Steve's Racecars at the display.p Close-up of one Steve McQueen's motorcycles - this one a Triumph - on display. pClose-up of another of Steve McQueen's motorcycles - this one a 1942 Indian - on display. pFront view of Steve McQueen's Hudson Hornet. p

One of Steve's Porsches in the foreground and Ferrari in the background. pJust prior to this museum visit, I read an article about the restoration of this great Ferrari. It included images of Steve's son driving the car after the restoration and remembering family trips in it when it was new. p...needless to say, I was overjoyed to see the same car in person here! pParting shot of my visit to Steve McQueen's exhibit. p

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