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Hollywood Cars of the Stars - FULLY LOADED!

1939 PACKHARD Tweleve Touring Cabriolet By Brunn for my friend Packhard collector Dave Grubbs. pBodied by Brunn, this Packhard four-door convertible was built for the Mexican government and used by a succession of Mexican presidents...175-horsepower V-12 engine...Other heads of state to own or use Packhards were Joseph Stalin of the former Soviet Union, Prince Leopold III of Belgium, and United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Collection of William H. Lyon. p1939 PACKHARD Twelve Touring Cabriolet by Brunn p Front view of the supercharged 1939 Bugatti. pGoing-100mph-standing-still Front view of the supercharged 1939 Bugatti. pBeautifully restored richly appointed wood and leather interior of the 1939 Bugatti. pThis 1939 Bugatti was given by the French government to the Prince of Persia and future Shah of Iran on the occasion of his first wedding in 1939. Fully restored and saved from the scrap heap this Expression of Automotive Form becomes Art once again.p

Awe inspiring displays are to be found on every level of the Petersen Automotive Museum. p195o's era FORD LUNCH and a Mercury on the side for my friend Glen Duncan's enjoyment. pConcept proposal rendering for a late 1960's Lincoln. pHerbie and the Bean double shot - FULLY LOADED! p1960's movie "The Great Race" featured this trick "scissor car" pGoing up! in "The Great Race" car. p

A Batmobile from the original 1960's series. pOne of the modern renditions of the Batmobile for the movies. pFront intake view of this modern Batmobile. pBatcycle and side car from the original Batman series. Holy Bat Guano Batman!p 1960's TV series car "The Green Hornet" was a sinister looking custom black Chrysler Imperial. pSide view of "The Green Hornet" custom black Chrysler Imperial. p

Beautiful custom coupe. pFerrari GT Roadster. pFront view of a 50's custom. p"Johnny Cab" from one of "ARNOLD's" movies. Remember which one?. pSide view of restored camera truck includes vintage MGM movie set light. pSpace-Age 1950's concept car model. p

President Eisenhower's Chrysler Limo. pPresident Eisenhower's Chrysler Limo. pFront view of a pair of Pope Mobiles. pPope John II 's custom parade car. pPope John II 's custom 1999 Cadillac was worked by Rousch Technologies. pFront view Land Rover Pope parade Land Rover. In the foreground Foriegn Dignintary owned Cadillac limo.p Korean Limo. pWhether you "Liked IKE" or not, you've gotta love his Cadillac convertible! p

Hmm, what is that lurking over in the corner of the garage? pBragging rights for the LARGEST SUV / RV have to go here! pCloser view shows the aero shape of this behemoth that will make your neighbors envy this SUV!!!p Wow - what's that!!??p Oh, it's Art Arfons' GREEN MONSTER 17,500 HP Jet Engine LAND SPEED RECORD MACHINE! pGREEN MONSTER 17,500 HP Jet Engine intake. pThis is where you hang on to the screaming' GREEN MONSTER while it roars! p

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